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We find and fix plumbing leaks in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire
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Serving the Midlands from our base in Derbyshire,

Working from our base in Derbyshire, Peak Leak Detection is a proud Derbyshire County Council “Trusted Trader” and a family firm. We are recognized by Severn Trent as an “approved contractor”. Our team has over 50 years’ experience in domestic leak detection and commercial leak detection. 

We offer non destructive solutions to find water leaks in heating systems, water mains and plumbing pipework. We find internal and external water leaks with our industry leading water leak detection technology. If possible our qualified plumber will try to fix your water leak on the same day. 

The cost of finding a leak can often be recovered from your insurance. Following our visit, we will write you a report to help you with any insurance claim. Most buildings insurance policies have “trace and access” and “escape of water” cover.


What Do We Do & How Do We Do It

We locate leaks on:

We locate leaks with:

Some leaks are obvious and can be found easily but for those hard to find leaks

Leaks can damage your home

Leaks can cause damage to property and increased water bills. Leaks can also be upsetting and stressful.

All our engineers are fully qualified plumbing engineers. Finding leaks is our primary objective, we will attend your property with everything we need to find your leak.

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All our engineers are fully qualified plumbing engineers. Finding leaks is our primary objective, we will attend your property with everything we need to find your leak.We use technology such as acoustic leak detection with a sensitive acoustic microphone and signal analysis computer to pinpoint hidden leaks. We also use “tracer gas detection” where a non-toxic, non-flammable gas is injected into the pipework system and a sensitive gas detection probe is used to “sniff out” the tracer gas escaping from the leak. Heating leaks can be found with our infra-red camera technology to see central heating leaks where hot water is escaping from a hidden pipe.

Our technology can help us locate leaks underground, leaks hidden in floors, leaks in ducts and in gardens and driveways even leaks underground beneath solid concrete! Using our technology and our years of experience we will try and narrow down our search area and target a specific area. Usually, the leak can be found and fixed on the day of our visit. Once the leak area has been identified we will assess the best method to expose the leak. Once exposed we will attempt to repair the leak if possible. After our visit we will provide an itemised invoice and also a report with colour photographs to assist with an insurance claim. Most insurance policies have “trace and access” cover as part of the standard policy.

Some Testimonies From Homeowners

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2 Mar 2023
“Excellent workmanship, extremely professional. Bob came out to see to a serious leak coming from a mains water pipe that was embedded in the concrete flooring of the flat above me. He responded extremely quickly and dealt with a difficult situation very calmly and efficiently.”

26 Feb 2023
“Great work by Steve and Robert, my water bill doubled and then we got a letter from the water board telling us we had a leak, the lads came out the next day and had it all fixed just after lunchtime!”

12 Feb 2023
“The water pressure dropped right down at my mums house and she couldn’t even fill the bath. Her driveway is really long but Steve found the leak within a couple of hours, the drive is thick concrete laid by my dad years ago so we agreed to get a local groundworker to dig up the pipe where Steve marked it, it was right under were he said. Then Steve came back to fix the pipe the next day. Then the groundworker came back to fill in the hole. Thanks Steve.”

12 Jan 2023
“Highly recommended, no nonsense team, much appreciated.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers to help you find the answers you’re looking for faster.

Probably not today but most calls are attended within 48 hours, we can prioritise vulnerable customers –
elderly or with young children etc. Give us a call, we’ll be there soon.
In a word, “yes”. All our engineers are fully qualified, time served plumbers with nationally recognized plumbing qualifications, we have full insurance for public liability etc.
– Details available on request.
Good question, we specialise in hard to find, hidden leaks so it’s hard to give an estimate. We allocate half a day to find most plumbing leaks –
our priority is letting you get back on with your life.

We always try and fix the leak once we find it (it is a separately charged item). We are fully qualified
plumbers and bring all the materials likely to be needed to fix most leaks.

You will need to look for the words “trace and access” and “escape of water” in your cover documents or give your insurer a call for clarification.

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