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We are your neighborhood experts in water damage and leak detection. Whenever possible, we use non-destructive leak detectors to assist in finding leaks, including those that are hidden. Our trained, reputable, and experienced engineers employ a variety of professional tools to increase the likelihood of identifying leaks, even in difficult-to-reach areas of your property (like a leak under the house). We use a customized procedure that we adapt to your residence or place of business. Being experts in property damage, we can also aid in determining the extent of any harm caused by a water leak.

We work with many of the top insurance companies in the UK and provide a detailed water leak report that you can give to them. We provide a full Trace & Access service in Derbyshire and the surrounding area. They might pay for this treatment as well if you have insurance for it. We can assist with that procedure.

The most frequent kind of water leak in a home is a plumbing leak. We can assist you whether you have a leak in your bathroom, kitchen, ensuite, wall, floor, or ceiling. With the use of our specialized technologies, we can locate leaks in obscure areas even if you have no idea where they are.
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  • Is your central heating cutting off because the pressure in your boiler is dropping? Are you receiving a boiler error code, such as an F1 or E119 boiler error code? If so, get in touch with us so we can find your water leak, even if your pipes are hidden, and the leak is not immediately apparent.
  • Do you actually have a water leak? This may sound apparent, but we frequently receive calls from customers asking for help with water leak repairs because they believe they have a leak. When individuals suspect a water leak, it’s frequently another issue that’s to blame. This may involve concerns with condensation or issues with dampness and mold. Fortunately, there are several tests we can run to see if you have a water leak.
  • Locating the water leak is the second and most crucial step in the procedure since, if there is one, you need to know where it is to allow water leak repairs. Even when you are certain you have a leak, such as when a boiler starts to lose pressure or a bathtub starts to leak through the roof, it can be difficult to locate, especially in tiled bathrooms.
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  • Is there another leak elsewhere? – If there is a water leak on your property, it is possible for there to be more than one leak, depending on the type of leak. Imagine, for instance, that corroded, old central heating pipes have led to an underground water leak. There is a possibility that the same thing is occurring in other places on your property if the copper leak was caused by corrosion damage to that material. Checks must thus be conducted to prevent more problems (like discovering you have a leak soon after).
  • Your water bill may suddenly increase, which is the first sign of a water mains leak and can be quite expensive. The cost of locating and repairing a water main leak is your responsibility if it occurs inside the boundary of your property, which is a fact that many homeowners are unaware of. Because there is no water coming to the surface, you might believe that there cannot possibly be an underground water leak. Water leaking from the main water line and draining into the ground is frequently the issue. We at Peak Leak Detection are experts at pinpointing the The precise position of a water mains leak, and we strive to locate and fix your leak in just one day.
  • Little, undetectable water leaks called “Micro leaks” can occur in central heating systems. Because there is such a small volume of water leaking, any water that does manage to escape the central heating circuit evaporates, leaving no sign of a leak. Your boiler will eventually switch off due to low boiler pressure.
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50 years’ experience in domestic leak detection and commercial leak detection.

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Some Testimonies From Homeowners

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2 Mar 2023
“Excellent workmanship, extremely professional. Bob came out to see to a serious leak coming from a mains water pipe that was embedded in the concrete flooring of the flat above me. He responded extremely quickly and dealt with a difficult situation very calmly and efficiently.”

26 Feb 2023
“Great work by Steve and Robert, my water bill doubled and then we got a letter from the water board telling us we had a leak, the lads came out the next day and had it all fixed just after lunchtime!”

12 Feb 2023
“The water pressure dropped right down at my mums house and she couldn’t even fill the bath. Her driveway is really long but Steve found the leak within a couple of hours, the drive is thick concrete laid by my dad years ago so we agreed to get a local groundworker to dig up the pipe where Steve marked it, it was right under were he said. Then Steve came back to fix the pipe the next day. Then the groundworker came back to fill in the hole. Thanks Steve.”

12 Jan 2023
“Highly recommended, no nonsense team, much appreciated.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers to help you find the answers you’re looking for faster.

Probably not today but most calls are attended within 48 hours, we can prioritise vulnerable customers –
elderly or with young children etc. Give us a call, we’ll be there soon.
In a word, “yes”. All our engineers are fully qualified, time served plumbers with nationally recognized plumbing qualifications, we have full insurance for public liability etc.
– Details available on request.
Good question, we specialise in hard to find, hidden leaks so it’s hard to give an estimate. We allocate half a day to find most plumbing leaks –
our priority is letting you get back on with your life.

We always try and fix the leak once we find it (it is a separately charged item). We are fully qualified
plumbers and bring all the materials likely to be needed to fix most leaks.

You will need to look for the words “trace and access” and “escape of water” in your cover documents or give your insurer a call for clarification.

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