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Boiler loses pressure

Tracing the Cause of a Boiler Losing Pressure

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Boiler loses pressure

Peak Leak Detection received a web enquiry from a customer who had a boiler problem – their boiler had shut off during the night and the family woke up to a freezing cold house with no hot water!! The boiler was giving a fault code indicating low pressure in the boiler and heating system so they called a local plumber who diagnosed a leak on the heating system. The loss of boiler pressure had happened because of a leak on the system which the plumber couldn’t find. The plumber did manage to isolate the combi boiler from the heating circuit which at least allowed the family to have hot water even though the heating was off.

Our engineer arrived on the same day because the customer’s parents were living with them so we had to get the problem sorted ASAP! We went straight into action with a site survey and information gathering from the customer, which in this case turned out to be vital as it turned out they had new flooring laid in the conservatory a few days before the boiler stopped working. If their plumber had asked the right questions he would have had a better chance of finding and fixing the leak.

As the house was quite large and the heating system was also large, we managed to isolate the conservatory where the new flooring had been installed. Sure enough, our leak detection equipment indicated a leak on the underfloor heating system underneath the new wooden flooring.

With the agreement of the customer, we removed some of the flooring in the area indicated by our equipment and found that the screed on top of the underfloor heating pipes was uneven in depth and in some places was extremely thin. A screw from the new flooring had pierced the underfloor heating pipe

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Fortunately, it was an easy fix on the leaking plastic pipe of the underfloor heating system, and luckily, the water had escaped down into the ground rather than up into the new wooden flooring which would have absorbed the water, twisted and buckled, and then all needed to be replaced.
The flooring installer agreed to come back and replace the couple of planks we had to pull up, and the underfloor heating installer agreed to cover the costs. So, we had the boiler hot water and heating system up and running on the same day, and life could get back to normal.
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Some Testimonies From Homeowners

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2 Mar 2023
“Excellent workmanship, extremely professional. Bob came out to see to a serious leak coming from a mains water pipe that was embedded in the concrete flooring of the flat above me. He responded extremely quickly and dealt with a difficult situation very calmly and efficiently.”

26 Feb 2023
“Great work by Steve and Robert, my water bill doubled and then we got a letter from the water board telling us we had a leak, the lads came out the next day and had it all fixed just after lunchtime!”

12 Feb 2023
“The water pressure dropped right down at my mums house and she couldn’t even fill the bath. Her driveway is really long but Steve found the leak within a couple of hours, the drive is thick concrete laid by my dad years ago so we agreed to get a local groundworker to dig up the pipe where Steve marked it, it was right under were he said. Then Steve came back to fix the pipe the next day. Then the groundworker came back to fill in the hole. Thanks Steve.”

12 Jan 2023
“Highly recommended, no nonsense team, much appreciated.”
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Probably not today but most calls are attended within 48 hours, we can prioritise vulnerable customers –
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In a word, “yes”. All our engineers are fully qualified, time served plumbers with nationally recognized plumbing qualifications, we have full insurance for public liability etc.
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We always try and fix the leak once we find it (it is a separately charged item). We are fully qualified
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