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No find no fee guarantee Terms and Conditions:

Applies to domestic indoor leaks other than heating leaks.
Only applies if a leak can be demonstrated on the day of our visit.
Applies only to a normal leak detection period (1/2 day, up to 4 hours on site).
Does not apply to properties with more than 3 wc’s or 1 kitchen.
Applies if the leak is not pinpointed to one room.
Does not apply if there are multiple leaks.
Does not apply if there are inaccuracies in information received from customer.
All other general terms and conditions apply.

General Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange access to all areas of the property. We will
need access to all areas of the property including lofts, basements, storerooms, gardens,
cupboards etc as necessary. We will need access to all parts of the plumbing system such as
stopcocks, non return valves, inspection chambers, water storage tanks, boilers, heaters etc. It
is recommended that the customer or someone authorised to act on their behalf is present to
assist with access. Where applicable we may need access to neighbouring properties, where
lack of access prevents effective work a fee will be chargeable.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all areas of the property are safe for our
engineer to enter if any areas are unsafe and this prevents us doing our work, a fee will be

It is the customers responsibility to ensure parking is available within 50 metres of the property if
parking is not available then any parking costs or fines will be the customers responsibility and
will be charged at cost.

We allocate one half day for each leak detection. One half day is deemed to be 4 hours on site.
Due to the nature of our work finding hidden leaks we cannot predict how long any leak
detection will take. All leak detection is undertaken by us on a best effort basis.

We accept no responsibility for any leaks which we do not find nor for any consequential
damage of those leaks.

Certain construction materials can limit our ability to detect leaks. These include ductwork,
boxing, sheathing, plastic membranes, linoleum, plastic and wood flooring etc. In this case we
accept no responsibility for leaks not found.

After our preliminary leak detection, in order to expose a leak, we may need to move items such as bath panels,
kitchen cabinets, carpets etc. We will only be able to do this with the agreementof the customer. It is the customers
responsibility to ensure that either they or someone authorised to act on their behalf is available on site to give such agreement.

We take reasonable precautions to avoid damage. We are not responsible for damage which occurs 

during the leak detection and exposure including but not limited to hidden pipes cables and other infrastructure, furniture,

walls, carpets, curtains. The replacement of any items removed and any making good or repairs
are the customers responsibility. This includes underground infrastructure for which accurate plans have not been provided.

We may not be able to find leaks related to appliances such as washing machines dishwashers
thermostatic mixers, boilers, water heaters etc. Our tests may only operate as far as any
isolation valve. Such appliances may be disconnected or drained during our testing process.
Any isolation valves which fail, or any appliance which needs additional work to reconnect or
recommission is the customers responsibility.

Non return valves installed on pipe work can interfere with our ability to detect leaks, it is the
customers responsibility to indicate any non-return valves on the system.

During our leak detection process we may need to operate stopcocks and isolation valves
around your property, should secondary leaks occur or failure to operate on these stopcocks
and or isolation valves we will not be responsible. If the plumbing system is in poor condition
and not able to withstand our normal testing process any secondary leaks will not be the
responsibility of the company.

The results of our leak detection are presented to the customer in good faith. We acccept no
responsibility for the way in which the customer acts on or interprets the result of our leak
investigation. The results of our leak detection are intended for guidance only.

Our primary objective is to find your leak. If it is reasonable for us to do so we will also offer to fix
your leak [chargeable separately]. Should the customer wish to have the fixing of the leak be done by others, we cannot be
held responsible for the accuracy of the indication of the location of the leak or any
consequential cost or loss.

Any chemical such as liquid leak sealer which has been introduced to the system must be
identified to us, we are not responsible for the result of any interaction between our testing
equipment and any leak sealer.

Leak repair is undertaken where it is practical to do so, is on a best effort basis and will require
the customer’s agreement. Repairs are separate to leak detection and will be charged separately.

Repairs to existing pipework should be viewed as temporary and the company accepts no
responsibility for a failed repair or consequential damage or loss. Loss or damage due to the
failure of materials will be addressed under any manufacturer’s warranty and will not be our

Our engineers follow the result of their equipment to locate a leak but we are not responsible of
any loss or damage as a result of the leak not being found in the location identified.

Leak investigation and repairs to pipework, especially where that pipework is in poor condition or has been poorly
installed can cause secondary leaks and further damage, further repairs and remediation
needed are the customers responsibility.

Heating systems may need to be drained for testing, we will attempt to refill the system on a
best effort basis, any further work needed to recommission the system will be the customers
responsibility. Valves and fittings on the system found to be inoperable will be the customers

Chemical treatments needed to refill the heating system such as inhibitor chemicals will be

Payment is due before our engineer leaves site, payment can be made only by  bank
transfer. In the case of a bank transfer, cleared funds must show in our account before the
engineer leaves site. Time spent on site waiting on site for any method of payment or for funds
to clear will be chargeable.

Our report to help you with any insurance claim will be released after payment has ceared. Any
insurance claim will have to be made subsequent to our payment and is not related to our
payment or our contract with the customer.

“The company”, “we”, “us” and “our” refers to “Peak Leak Detection” a trading name of Kings
Cross Plumbing Ltd. Company registration number11523383